Meet Our Team



As a lifetime native to the San Francisco Bay Area, Daniel has been a composer of various styles of electronic music since 1997, from Hip Hop, Breakbeats, Trance, House and Techno, to Atmospheric and Orchestral, with aspirations to be a digital music composer for film and television.

His limerence for electronic dance music was reciprocated through studying the art of DJ mixing (which also served as means to enrich his knowledge of dance music production), and has a wholehearted passion for mixing Deep House, Tech House, Progressive, Techno, and Psytrance.

In 2011, Daniel’s strive for audio engineering knowledge earned him his BAS in Sound Arts from Ex’pression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA. He is proficient in Logic Pro X and has Operator certification in Pro Tools, with copious experience in professional AV integrations for leading Bay Area tech companies, and has an ongoing career as an IT AV technician in San Francisco, CA.


Osheen’s interest in the Audio/Video profession became an extension of his musical background. After completing Musicians Institute in 2003, where he received a certificate in the recording arts, Osheen wanted to pursue the world of AV as a career. Ex’pression College For Digital Arts became a stepping stone where he earned his Bachelor of Applied Science degree in the Sound Arts program in 2011.

As a certified Audio/Video technician and lead integrator for basic and complex AV systems within the Bay Area, his experience and skill set spans a wide number of projects within the field of Video Conferencing and specialty spaces for various large entities. In his spare time, Osheen also operates various freelance work such as location sound, live sound support, and audio engineering, while also building and producing projects within his home studio.



Garrett has a deep rooted passion for audio and technology. From playing in bands, to his first set of turntables, to his first real job installing car stereos and other mobile electronics, he has been experimenting with sounds and sound equipment for as long as he can remember.  

In his early 20’s, he graduated to installing high end residential audio and automation systems, and also began DJ’ing for weddings, parties, and special events on the weekends.  From there he got into building audio/video and control systems in event spaces for some of the bay area’s top tech companies, and also continued to DJ events and expand his collection of sound equipment whenever possible.  

He also earned a BA in Business Economics along the way, as well as a certification from Infocomm as a Certified Technology Specialist. Today, with over 10 years industry experience, he is employed by a name brand tech company as an Audio/Video/IT technician, and is also the co-founder of One Source Audio.  


A newcomer to AV, David entered the Audio Visual industry a
couple years after college while working as a Regional Sales
Manager in Residential Solar for a start up here in the Bay Area. Having earned his BA in Business Management Economics at UC Santa Cruz along with Garrett, he was eager to work together when he got the opportunity to pursue Project Management for an AV start up in the Silicon Valley. Helping develop and organize the small AV Tech firm while serving and creating/implementing standards in Video Conferencing and Telecommunications for some of the world’s leading Tech companies was a one of a kind experience. Now with over 4 years of professionalism in Operations for Audio Video Conferencing and Integration coupled with excelled experience in growing startups David is developing Sales and Operations at One Source Audio.